It's time to train better


Chapel Hill Training is the premiere personal training and group boot camp specialist serving Chapel Hill, Durham and surrounding areas. With Chapel Hill Training you can expect only the most qualified personal trainers with the most highly regarded certifications. One big thing that separates CHT from a typical gym is that it is private. It is a by appointment personal training studio with no memberships. Therefore you are getting the one on one attention you deserve from personal training. The studio is a very unique concept with prices comparable to a gym but without the typical gym downfalls- no privacy, shared machines with hundreds of others and who knows what germs.

We believe that by offering a highly qualified and educated personal trainer we are able to provide all types of workouts that fit your schedule and budget.

We can help you reach and exceed your fitness goals! Specializing in weight loss, strength building, toning, and cardiovascular and muscular endurance, we can work with all ages.  Whether you are looking for private studio personal training, in-home personal training, or group training, we are here to help you! Check out the different services and programs we offer!