December Clients of the Month: Freda and Renee

Freda and Renee are our December Clients of the Month! This powerful duo began training together in August. They bring a lot of smiles, energy and personality into the studio. Freda and Renee have each answered some questions about their training and themselves below. See what they love about training with each other! Renee Renee is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. She has been an educator for 29 years. She has spent the last eight years as an administrator in Durham Public Schools. She loves to read, collect snowmen figures and travel. Renee is happily married with two grown sons. 1. When did you start training with CHT? I started at CHT in August, 2016. 2. How has CHT helped you achieve yo

You Can't Outwork A Bad Diet - Part 6

Have you been struggling with bad eating habits or been trying to make a decision on how to eat “healthier”? We’re here to help! Over the next month, we’ll be releasing a blog post each week from CHT’s own Robert Langston that goes in depth on 5 of the most common dietary trends. This week’s article is the 6th in the series and focuses on a Ketogenic Diet. In this edition we will see how a Ketogenic Diet stands up against the objectives of Health, Performance and Aesthetics. We’ll also look at the ease of implementation of this approach. As a review… Ketogenic Diet The purpose of ketogenic diet is to take the body into ketosis. The body enters ketosis when blood ketone levels rise above the

Trainer Spotlight: Robert Langston

Robert was born and raised in Chapel Hill. He studied Exercise Physiology and Pre-Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. After graduating college, he lived in San Fransisco and San Diego. Then he moved back to Chapel Hill to be close to his family and study Nutritional Biochemistry. 1. Did you play sports as a kid or what got you interested in excise? I've always been fascinated with life. As a kid I wanted to understand how everything worked. I took apart toys and electronics to understand what made them tick. I developed an interest in fitness from watching the television show Kung Fu. I started practicing Taekwondo when I was in 4th grade. I wrestled in middle schoo

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