Finding Wellness in Water

Drink more water! We hear this all the time and most of us are guilty of not drinking enough of it. Why is drinking water so important? This article will serve as an introduction into the importance of water. Water has many important jobs inside of the body… 1.Transporting of biochemical substances 2.Dissolving of biochemical substances 3. Initiates various chemical reactions 4.Regulates body temperature 5.Provides cells with vitamins, minerals and nutrients 6.Provides lubrication to body tissues The amount of water in humans varies based on age and sex. Females hold about 45%-50% of their body weight in water while males hold 50%-60% of their body weight in water. The ultimate physiological

February Client of the Month: Banes Borden

Banes is from Columbia, SC. She attended boarding school at Epsicopal High School in Alexandria, VA, and is currently a sophomore at UNC. She played tennis and squash all of high school and has always enjoyed training and exercise and sports. 1. When did you start training with CHT? I started with CHT in September of 2016. 2. How has CHT helped you achieve your goals? CHT helps keep me accountable for my fitness and nutrition goals by pushing me further and helping me through obstacles. 3. What is your favorite exercise? My favorite exercise is medicine ball slams. 4. What is your least favorite exercise? My least favorite exercise is band walks. 5. How has training improved your life? Tr

A Lesson in Foam Rolling, part 1

Foam rolling has become one of the most used skills in the fitness and training world over the last few years. With it’s plethora of benefits, it’s expansion is unsurprising. If you’re new to working out, an average fitness goer, or an avid exerciser, check out these reasons why you should definitely be using the foam roller. Foam Rolling and it’s adjacents are a form of myofascial release, akin to a self-massage. The prefix “myo” means relating to musculature and the suffix “fascia” indicates relation to fascia, or lining of tissue. When put together, this means to release tension from muscle and its surrounding tissue. Fascia surrounds the muscle belly and responds to stress put on a muscl

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