July Client of the Month: Ben Giglio

1. Tell us about yourself! (Name, occupation, hobbies, fun facts, etc.) My name is Ben Giglio (pronounced Jilly-O). I'm one of the radiochemists for the radiology department at UNC's school of medicine. I manufacture established radiopharmaceuticals used for clinical studies, and also do research on the creation/development of new radiotracers for preclinical studies. 2. When did you start training with Chapel Hill Training? I started training with Rob Langston in February 2018. 3. How has CHT helped you reach your fitness goals? Being able to have a professionally structured workout and nutrition plan created for me has made an enormous difference. It is much easier to do the work if

Macronutrient Series: Protein!

In this blog post series, you’ll learn about the three major macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and why they’re important to your health. Each macronutrient has a significant impact on our energy levels, performance, recovery, disease risk, body composition and more. In this post, we’ll be covering Proteins. What are Proteins? Proteins are organic molecules made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. These elements join together to make an amino acid, amino acids join to form peptides and peptides join together in a chain to form proteins. Proteins are found in 4 specific structural arrangements. Primary Structure: Amino acids joined together to form a peptide cha

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