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Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

The health and well-being of our clientele is extremely important to us. We are taking every measure possible to ensure that our clients are, and feel, safe when they come to train at our studio. We are privileged to be able to open our doors during the pandemic and will be doing our absolute best to help prevent further spread of the virus. We kindly ask that you take all of these protocols seriously and follow them to the best of your ability. We reserve the right to refuse training to anyone circumventing these guidelines and we will use that right without hesitation.


General Policies

  • Only 1 staff member with 1 client/session will be allowed at the studio at any given time. 

  • Staff members and clients will only be allowed to train at the studio 1x per week with a minimum 7 day window between sessions

  • Due to these restrictions on training volume, we ask that clients who are NOT able to train at home effectively have first priority on scheduling for these sessions.

  • There will be a mandatory 15 minute minimum sanitizing window between scheduled clients.

  • Outdoor Small group training sessions will now be moved a hybrid training session utilizing indoor and outdoor space.

  • Staff members are NOT required to train clients at the studio and have any and every right to decline this training option.

  • Staff and Client(s) must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times

  • All equipment, once used, will be immediately wiped down and put in the sanitation station by staff.

  • Our water station and towels will be closed. Please bring your own full water bottle and a clean towel if you would like.

Mask Policy

  • All staff and clients are required to wear masks at all times. No exceptions. [UPDATE February 15, 2021] In accordance with new CDC guidelines, we will be asking all staff & clients to follow these new guidelines.

Hand-washing Policy

  • All persons who enter the studio are required to wash hands with soap and water immediately upon entry.

  • Staff are required to wash hands between clients.

Coronavirus Questionnaire & Temperature Reading

  • All staff and clients will be required to truthfully fill out and sign a questionnaire regarding their health with respect to Covid-19. This document will include questions on symptoms, contact with any known person with Coronavirus, travel history, and event attendance. This questionnaire will be sent out automatically when your appointments are booked. Please be sure to check your email and answer these questions so that you can be allowed to train. These will be required with every visit and will be reviewed by staff.

  • All staff and clients may be asked to take a temperature reading by infrared thermometer before training at the studio.

Cleaning Policy and Procedures

  • All equipment must be wiped down immediately after use.

  • During 15 minute sanitizing window, a CDC approved cleaner will be used on equipment.

  •  Clients are allowed and encouraged to bring their own mats/equipment

We believe that these policies and procedures will allow us to train you SAFELY in person. Please remember, that this is not a required training option. You will still have your choice of how you would like to train and what works best for you!

400 W ROSEMARY STREET, SUITE 1003 - CHAPEL HILL, NC 27516 - 919-636-4556
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