Kim was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there until she was eleven. She attended NC State and lived in Raleigh for ten years before making her move to Chapel Hill. Living only a block from campus and being around so much Carolina Blue is hard for her, but she loves the town. She is married with two cats and recently went back to school to pursue a career in interior architecture. Her husband was a fitness nut when she met him, but it took a while for that characteristic to rub off on her. She relates better to her cats lifestyle choices than people who enjoy working out. It was when she realized that her quality of life was super important that she decided to become more active. When she isn’t training, Kim enjoys traveling, cute animals, and learning about architecture in foreign countries.

1. When did you start training with CHT?

After talking with many local trainers and not feeling like they were the best fit for me, I met with Cody and liked his personality and his scheduling flexibility, so I began training this past June.

2. How has CHT helped you achieve your goals?

I was motivated to find a trainer in order to strengthen my core and back muscles to alleviate back pain, as well as lose some weight before my wedding (I know…typical). I have since expanded my goals to include overall toning and general physical wellness.

3. What is your favorite exercise?

If I’m being honest, I hate all exercises (this is why I needed a personal trainer), but Cody has helped me to not completely despise some things! I like using the TRX to do curtsey lunges and lateral lunges because it simplifies exercises for uncoordinated individuals like myself.

4. What is your least favorite exercise?

By far, pull-ups!!! That doesn’t stop Cody from making me do them!

5. How has training improved your life?

I no longer have the lower back pain I have dealt with for almost 10 years…that has really changed so much for me. I don’t limp around in pain anymore!!

6. What’s your favorite post workout food?

Greek yogurt with dried cranberries, it sort of feels like I’m giving myself a dessert for working out. Or a couple of hard-boiled eggs…I know that doesn’t sound amazing but I LOVE eggs!!

7. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My dad inspires me to be a healthier person through exercise because he has always exercised. At 68 he is still in better shape than most people I know. If I go visit him, he makes sure that gym time is worked into the family schedule. You can imagine how super exciting this is for everyone!

8. What would you write on the chalkboard sign outside of the studio?

“Baby…you make my knees feel week. Just kidding. Yesterday was leg day.”

“Squat like Channing Tatum is watching.”

Neither of these came from my head, but still funny!

Even though we’ve only known Kim for a few months, we love training with her and getting to know her. We hope that she continues to reach her health and fitness goals and we’re so glad that Chapel Hill Training is who she chose to help!

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