Peggy Britt is our February Client of the Month. At age 57, she explains herself as the “zebra of workout clients”. Here’s a little about Peggy and her fitness journey:

1. When did you start training with CHT?

I started about three months ago. I really love the atmosphere of CHT and how personal the experience is. 2. How has CHT helped you achieve your goals?

By getting me back to a regular weight training program—I’d done it all my life since college except for the past few years. Bad time to stop! 3. What is your favorite exercise?

Squats, surprisingly enough. The burn during the workout is definitely worth it afterwards. 4. What is your least favorite exercise?

Plank! It goes by so slow and is painful. I have to think about the end game to get me through it! 5. How has training improved your life?

I wasn’t expecting this, but I have almost no back pain now. The variety of movements Cody has me doing is much better than just plain weight-bench work.

6. What’s your favorite post workout food?

There’s nothing better than getting home and having a martini.

Thanks for always working hard, Peggy! We love having you as a client here at Chapel Hill Training.

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