Our March Client of the Month is Rachel Kiel. Rachel was born in Chapel Hill (Tarheel born and bred!), majored in music at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and currently lives in Carrboro. She’s a songwriter and plays electric guitar, banjo, flute, and piano. Her last album, Television Waltz, came out a few years ago (you can find it on iTunes), and she’s currently in the studio recording a new one!

1. How has CHT helped you achieve your goals? I came to Chapel Hill Training with the goal of being more fit (losing a few extra pounds) and getting stronger. As a musician, it was really important to me to be able to carry my own equipment, like my 45 pound amplifier, comfortably and safely. After a few months working with Justin at CHT, I’ve lost almost 5 pounds, l look and feel better, and I’m carrying my amp around like a pro.

2. What is your favorite exercise?

Justin says it’s called the “medicine ball burpee with overhead slam” but I just call it the “thing where I jump and pick up the thing and throw it.” I’m a dancer, and I think this one is my favorite because it feels kind of like a dance move.

3. What is your least favorite exercise? My least favorite exercises are things like push-ups and planks, where I have to put weight on my wrists. I’m kind of wimpy about my wrists but I’m working on it.

4. How has training improved your life? Starting personal training a few months ago is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself! I feel better in my body, sleep better, and feel less stressed out. I also feel like being physically stronger has given me the courage and confidence to take big steps in other areas of my life, too.

5. What’s your favorite post-workout food? After my last workout, I walked down the street and got two veggie tacos at Carrburritos! They were delicious, and just the right amount of food–not too much, not too little. Highly recommended.

6. What/who is your biggest inspiration (fitness-related or not)? Right now, I’m feeling really inspired by musicians and songwriters who have had long careers and have kept making music through so many decades of critical and commercial ups and downs: David Bowie, Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Lucinda Williams–the list goes on! I’m really motivated by their courage to be a little weird in their art and take big creative risks and chances. The stronger I get with my work at CHT, the more I feel like I could be like them someday, still rocking the stage at age 75.

Thanks Rachel for being such an awesome client! You truly demonstrate the attitude and work ethic we love here at CHT. Keep up your fantastic work both in the gym and as a musician!

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