Cody is originally from Greensboro, NC but moved to Chapel Hill to pursue an undergraduate degree. As a lifelong athlete, and previous Division 1 football player at UNC, Cody loves exercise and health and understands the importance of having a strong knowledge base behind exercise and fitness. In 2013, Cody obtained his first Personal Training certification through NASM and then subsequently earned his degree in Exercise and Sport science from UNC. Cody first interned and trained at CHT during his undergraduate studies at UNC before recently rejoining the CHT staff in June of 2015 as the Business Manager.

1. What was your inspiration to become a trainer?

My inspiration actually stemmed from deciding to check out the Exercise and Sport Science major at UNC. I have played sports my entire life and wanted a way to parallel the activities I loved doing, and still love to do, on a daily basis with an education.

2. What is your favorite part about being a trainer at CHT?

I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to interact and changes people’s lives on such a personal level. Day-in and Day-out, I have the chance to help people improve themselves. My goal with every training session is to ensure that my clients feel better about their day when they walk out the door than when they did when they arrived to the studio, although, I’m fairly certain there’s a lot of tough feelings between those two times!

3. What was your journey to become a trainer?

My journey began my senior year of high school when I hired a personal trainer to help achieve one of my goals: playing a division 1 sport at UNC. From the very first session, my interest in how the body works and the science behind human kinesiology and physiology grew until I finally decided to pursue it as a career. I received my first Personal Training certification in 2013, and then obtained my degree in Exercise and Sport science in 2014 from UNC and have been training every since!

4. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I get the chance to positively influence someone’s life each and everyday. Whenever a client of mine hits a landmark or says something along the lines of, “I couldn’t have done that X months ago” or ,” My back hasn’t bothered me since we’ve been working together” I know that I have successfully done my job and that my clients are noticeably seeing the fruits of their labor. That one moment of “this is actually working” is worth every single minute I spend at work and every single minute my clients spend on their health and wellness.

5. What is your favorite healthy meal to make?

This is a tough one, not because I eat so many healthy meals, but because you can usually find me eating at Chipotle or Carrburritos! I’d have to say that I have two favorite healthy meals to make:

- 3 egg omelet with Spinach, Peppers, onions, and cheese with Turkey Bacon and a cup of oatmeal on the side. Add in a glass of V8 or V8 fusion juice for something a little sweet!

- CousCous Stir Fry! I probably make this about once a week with about a cup of Basil and Olive oil couscous mixed with sautéed onions, carrots, and broccoli, grilled chicken, and a half cut up avocado. Usually I’ll add in a little bit of sweet and sour sauce on the side with that.

6. What is your workout schedule/routine?

My workout routine varies throughout the year, but currently I’m working on rebuilding a strength base after doing a about a month and a half of stabilization and prehabilitative exercise. I strength train 3-4 times per week and play basketball about 1-2x per week and indoor soccer once a week. I’m looking to add in a day of beach volleyball on the weekends if anyone is interested! My strength training workouts usually last about 60-80minutes with a large chunk of that being mobility and stabilization warm ups/ cool downs to promote healthier joints and diminish the chance of developing tendonitis or other overuse injuries.

7. Who is your fitness inspiration?

My inspiration honestly comes from all of my clients! I have to make sure that I’m keeping up with their tenacity and hard work. Although our routines may be different, I couldn’t ask any of my clients to workout at an intensity that I couldn’t sustain myself, and knowing that I push my clients pretty hard means I have to work that much harder to be fit and healthy.

8. As Business Manager of Chapel Hill Training, what impact do you see CHT having in the Chapel Hill community?

My goal for CHT is to solidify our studio as the number one health and wellness destination in Chapel Hill. I want CHT to be the only place people think of when they want to do personal training, group fitness, or need any type of health coaching. I believe that the standards that I set for not only myself, but for the business as a whole, along with some hard work, dedication, and the support of all of our wonderful clients and the community, that CHT will make it to that spot. Our staff is highly qualified in exercise science and we have the opportunity to make the residents of Chapel Hill more fit in a fun, safe, and science-based method.

A special thank you to Cody for all of the hard work he puts in at Chapel Hill Training. It is easy to see how passionately he feels about helping others train and live healthy lifestyles. He is such a great person both in and outside of the gym. We appreciate you so much, Cody!

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