Lauren was born in Boston, went to college in Western Massachusetts and then Chicago, graduate school in New Jersey, and finally moved to North Carolina from New York City. That was 11 years ago, though, and she’s hardly looked back. She came down here to teach at UNC and absolutely loves it. She says, Carrboro is a lot more like Brooklyn than one would necessarily think. And she loves the friendliness (and subtle sassiness) of North Carolineans — those who were born here and those who have adopted the local ways! Lauren spends a ridiculous amount of time working, but her work is pretty great. She teaches Asian religions and culture in the Religious Studies Department and her research allows her to spend a lot of time in Nepal and other parts of Asia doing research. She can speak the Nepali language fluently, has lived there for about 6 years. Even now, she returns for research visits as often as she can. At the moment, she getting a lot of joy from helping the children of a rural elementary school that was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. At home in Carrboro, she loves to ski, salsa dance, kayak (or any kind of water sport), lie on the beach reading fiction, and cuddle with her two dogs.

1. When did you start training with CHT?

I started training last fall when a friend bid on a training package for me at at benefit auction for a great organization, Farmer Foodshare. She was visiting Chapel Hill from Germany and hadn’t seen each other for a few years. I guess she thought I needed to get in shape. What a great way to let me know!

2. How has CHT helped you achieve your goals?

Since I started training, I’ve gotten much stronger and more toned. I’m also in much better cardiovascular shape and it’s great! I used to be a very strong, passionate skier but I’d avoided the mountains for the last few years because I just didn’t have the strength or endurance to take on the kinds of challenges that I enjoy. I went out West to the BIG hills twice this past winter, after 3 months of training though, and it was amazing. When I needed my legs to make something happen or hold the speed, they were right there for me again! It’s a great — and very empowering — feeling to know that I can ask my body to do something, and it will have the strength to come through.

3. What is your favorite exercise?

I like almost all exercises — as long as it’s the second set!

4. What is your least favorite exercise?

Mountain climbers (all sets!)

5. How has training improved your life?

Feeling strong and in control of my body gives me confidence that extends far beyond the gym.

6. What’s your favorite post workout food?

Favorite food after a workout? Ha!! By the end of a hard session, I’ll eat just about anything that fits in my mouth! My favorite is whatever is already prepared and close at hand!

7. Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

Inspiration: All the rural Nepalis who, after the earthquake had buried everything they had, literally got up the next day and went out to work their fields with any tools they could lay their hands on. They were terrified and traumatized but also knew that they only way to eat in the fall was to tend any fields that were still standing then. Resiliance by necessity showing incredible strength.

Lauren always brings a smile to her workout! Keep the positive energy and good vibes coming Lauren!

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