Client Appreciation Week at CHT is 6/20-6-25! During that week we will have brand new classes for you to try! All new classes will be free!

New Classes include:

Tabata (6/21, 6:30 am): Looking for fun and fast-paced high-intensity workout? Tabata is a style of exercise based around 20-second work and 10-second rest intervals. Interval training has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat and promote muscle tone. With Tabata being one of the most intense methods out there, you’re sure to have a fantastic workout and burn some serious calories!

Mobility and Recovery (6/22, 12 pm): Had a rough week? Feeling Fatigued? Flexibility and Mobility training are two of the best ways to reduce stress and promote joint longevity. Join us for a 45min group training session to work on improving your joint range of motions, promote proper neuromuscular function, and reduce joint pain/ inflammation!

Athletic Conditioning (6/24, 7 am): If you want to play like an athlete you have to train like an athlete – agile, tensile, and mobile. Whether you are a competitive athlete or weekend warrior, this biomechanically-based 60 minute group training session will increase your strength, power, and performance. This class is great for all ages and athletic abilities!

We will also be offering our normal boot camps on Monday and Tuesday, and Dumbbells &DJ is back on Thursday (6/23)! Clients who attend at least 3 classes or personal training sessions during Client Appreciation Week will receive a free t-shirt!

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