October Client of the Month: Carolina Dooley

Caroline is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and is currently a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill. She studies business and entrepreneurship. Caroline grew up playing a variety of sports ranging from field hockey and lacrosse to soccer and basketball. However, once she reached high school, she realized that she cared more about personal fitness than a team sport. That was when Caroline made the transition to personal training. She worked with two trainers in high school one strength/cardio trainer and one pilates trainer. Since moving to Chapel Hill, she has struggled to find a good studio, but CHT has been a perfect fit!

1. When did you start training with CHT?

I started training with CHT in Aug. 2016

2. How has CHT helped you achieve your goals?

CHT came at the perfect time for me. Last year I lacked consistency when it came to working out. With that said, having a balanced life is very important to me, and so I saw CHT as an easy way for me to reintroduce personal training into my daily routine. Working with Cody has helped me to become more accountable with my workouts and become more disciplined when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He has me on a strictroutine each day, and it is encouraging to see the progress I’ve made in only a month.

3. What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is probably squatting (even my dad was impressed).

4. What is your least favorite exercise?

My least favorite exercise is kettle-bell swings. I dread this each workout, but somehow Cody makes the 20 minutes go by quickly.

5. How has training improved your life?

Training has helped me in most aspects of my everyday life. It provides me structure and consistency, and it also acts as an escape from school work and other daily pressures. I can tell that I am more confident and in control.

6. What is your favorite post workout food?

I am hooked on a protein shake right now. It’s Women’s Best, cookies n’ cream flavored.

7. What or who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my mom. She is working really hard to reach her fitness goals

too, and every day she will send something positive my way. Today, she sent me a text that said,

"Discipline is choosing between what you want NOW and what you want MOST!"

8. What would you write on the chalk board sign?

The quote my mom just sent me – “discipline is choosing between what you want now and

what you want most.”

9. What is our favorite workout song?

Anything Future. Cody always has a hype playlist waiting for me.

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