New Year's Fitness Challenge Results

The New Year's Fitness Challenge contestants put in 8 solid weeks of hard work, and it paid off!

Collectively they lost 20.7% body fat, had 53 lbs of weight change and completed 243 workout sessions!

The 1st Place winner and recipient of the Fitbit is Mark Coupland with 3,883 points.

In 2nd Place with 3,625 points is Banes Borden, winner of the G-Strap Suspension Trainer.

And in 3rd Place, Dean Nehama with 3,487, winning a $125 Fleet Feet Training Program.

Now for some stats and accolades:

Most Weight Lost - Dan Althouse: 17lbs Average Weight Change: 4.07lbs

Biggest Body Fat Reduction - Dan Althouse: 5% Average BF Reduction: 2.07%

Most centimeters lost - Waist - Banes Borden: 9cm - Hip - Alex Pare: 9cm

Most Improved: - Squat - Rawley Fuller (+29) -- average increase: +15.7 squats - Push up - Jennifer Coupland (+22) -- average increase: +9.08 push ups - Sit up - Banes Borden (+24) -- average increase: 10.46 sit ups - Mile - Alex Pare (-1:33) -- average decrease: 30.58 seconds

Most Improved Overall: Alex Pare: +27 squat, +14 push up, +10 sit up, -1:33 mile

Most Workouts completed: - Caroline Mangan: 23 training sessions -- average: 16.1 workouts

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2017 CHT New Year's Fitness Challenge!

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