July Client of the Month: Mark & Jenny Coupland

Jenny is an attorney that focuses on structured finance, so needless to say she enjoys getting out of the home office for time in the gym. Mark is a technology executive and entrepreneur who is currently working on a few new projects while also taking care of their 2-year old son when he’s not in pre-school or with the grandparents. They both love quality time so going to CHT is a great way to spend time together, even though it’s sweat time (and Jenny really doesn’t like sweat….especially Mark’s….so the towels are a life saver).

1. When did you start training with Chapel Hill Training?

We started right around the beginning of 2017, and it’s been a crazy journey in just that short amount of time, with us improving much more than we would have ever expected that quickly. We were only around for a few weeks when the 2017 fitness challenge started and we decided to jump into that as well as our new training routine. Prior to CHT, it had been about two years since we really had a consistent, results-driven workout regimen. CHT kicked us into gear quickly.

2. How has CHT helped you reach your fitness goals?

Our primary goal was pretty holistic: Agility, Flexibility, Strength and Health Longevity. We were blown away on nearly all fronts in terms of our progress. Rob is a great listener and caters the workout to develop and focus on each of the areas we need (rather than following a narrow formula or routine). We’ve come to find that CHT is great for all points in the journey. As we improve, it’s almost like there’s another door that’s opened up for us to focus on next.

We’ve both made big improvements to a diet we thought was already pretty healthy, but slowly realized had a lot of holes…..it’s a journey. Mark has seen a lot of muscular definition grow and his overall strength and how he carries himself has improved a ton. With Rob’s help, Mark’s also finally gained weight (muscle weight) which always seemed so hard to accomplish before CHT. Jenny’s gone from nervous about summer to excited to hit the beach, shedding much of what lingered post-pregnancy and nearly crossing her sub-20% body fat target……again with Rob’s holistic approach to both working out and working on diet together.

3. What is your favorite exercise?

We love the balance exercises because Rob incorporates both of us into them….so not only does it help make us more sharp, agile and focused, but we get to work together (i.e. throwing medicine balls at each other while balanced on a swiss ball….look out!).

4. What is your least favorite exercise?

Robert seems to get joy out of us using those ropes in all sorts of ways while squatting which is BRUTAL!!! Slams take it out of you pretty quick too, especially since getting that heavier slam ball….and Rob likes to have us do all sorts of slams, while doing side steps with bands, kneeling, doing burpies, you name it….and they all add up quick.

5. What is your favorite post workout food?

Mark especially has been jamming on a post workout smoothie he makes: oatmeal, spinach (or kale or chard), banana, yogurt, banana, peanuts and almonds, almond milk, ice and a bunch of chocolate protein powder.

6. What is your favorite workout song?

We tend to actually enjoy some of the DJ’s that Rob and Cody try out and a good new mix to keep the workout fresh.

7. What quote would you write on the chalkboard?

“Free Samples”…….we’re both pretty horrible at witty things like that. Mark’s pretty cheesy, but that’s definitely not the same. I.E. Jenny’s got a shirt that says “work now, wine later”…… definitely on the cheesy side.

8. If you could torture Rob/Cody with any one exercise what would it be?

We would definitely want to see how Rob and Cody do with those ropes after a couple minute sets. That, or pull-ups where you burn out for three sets.

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