November Client of the Month: Kirsten Widener

Kirsten is the bookkeeper for the Chapel Hill Restaurant Group (411 West, Squids, Spanky’s, Mez and Page Road Grill). She has been with the group since 1995. She also takes Pilates machine classes at Carolina Core & Club Pilates. Pilates was her first group exercise class, but she realized that she wanted more of a challenge and a different workout. That’s when Kirsten found CHT!

1. When did you start training with Chapel Hill Training?

I think that was in the fall of 2013 when I started? I honestly can’t remember. Lauren Cruz ran the studio then.

2. How has CHT helped you reach your fitness goals?

I have become much stronger and have more endurance. For me it’s become more a part of my lifestyle and I think that just makes me healthier in general. And I really like the people that come to the group classes. We have a great group! They keep it fun.

3. What is your favorite exercise?

I really enjoy strength training and weights. It’s been surprising. I didn’t start exercising until I was in my 30’s. I wish I had found it earlier.

4. What is your least favorite exercise?

Any exercise that involved the sliders!!

5. What is your favorite post workout food?

I don’t really have one….glass of red wine helps!

6. What is your favorite workout song?

Jasmine was playing an 80’s mix the other day that was really good.

7. What quote would you write on the chalkboard?

“You can do anything for a minute”.

8. If you could torture your trainer with any one exercise what would it be?

Lots of Turkish get ups.

9. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Pumpkin Pie

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