April Client of the Month: Kristan Shimpi

Kristan Shimpi ia a regional Girl Scouts director. She loves gardening and bird watching. Kristan is a mother of two teenagers, one who is learning to drive this summer... gulp!

1. When did you start training with Chapel Hill Training?

I had surgery to correct hallux rigidus in December. This condition prevented me from running for almost 3 years, and last spring I finally decided to figure out what my treatment options were. A new procedure was FDA approved in the United States a year ago called Cartiva. Basically silicone cartilage is injected into the 2nd toe joint. As soon as I was cleared to drive post surgery, I came to Chapel Hill Training to meet with Jasmine. I wanted to get back to working out, but needed help modifying activities since I was also doing PT to regain range of motion in my big toe.

2. How has CHT helped you reach your fitness goals?

Jasmine pushed me to bend my foot and work on balancing by strengthening my core. I was able to run again 7 weeks post op, and ran my first 5K in 3 years last month!

3. What is your favorite exercise?

I love, love, love squats. I call them my "short shorts exercise."

4. What is your least favorite exercise?

Not a big fan of upper body work, but like having definition in my arms.

5. What is your favorite post workout food?

I usually have a whey protein shake post work out.

6. What is your favorite workout song?

Hella Good by No Doubt - also my song of choice when riding Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket at Universal Studios. Seriously the scariest roller coaster in the world… and only a lap belt to hold you in.

7. What quote would you write on the chalkboard?

"Given enough coffee, I could rule the world."

8. If you could torture your trainer with any one exercise what would it be?

Inchworms. I always feel like the room gets longer the more I do them…. haha

9. What is your favorite way to stay active outdoors in the warm weather?

I love to run outside. I have a BRF (Best Running Friend) who has been my BRF since our oldest kids were in Kindergarten. Every Sunday we run in the neighborhood down the road from us. It is a beautiful place with lots of birds, a pond, etc. We call it our church time.

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