September Client of the Month: Lawson Burrows

My name is Lawson Burrows. I am a junior PR/Advertising major at UNC and am an Atlanta native. I also work for The Daily Tarheel.

CHT: When did you start training with us?

LB: I started training with CHT my freshman year of college.

CHT: What are a few thing CHT has helped you with?

LB: CHT has helped me stick to a routine and be a lot more aware about the things I'm eating and also staying active.

CHT: What is your favorite exercise?

LB: My favorite exercise is boxing.

CHT: And your least favorite?

LB: Least favorite exercise is anything to do with the medicine ball.

CHT: What's your favorite thing to eat after a workout?

LB: My favorite post-workout food is a turkey sandwich.

CHT: What's your favorite song to workout to?

LB: My favorite workout song is anything Cody puts on. He’s got good taste.

CHT: If you could torture Cody with any exercise, what you would it be?

LB: I would make him do mountain climbers with the sliders.

CHT: What is something you like to do around Chapel Hill?

LB: I like to go on runs around Chapel Hill when it's warm.

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