Chapel Hill Training On Demand

Chapel Hill Training On Demand is all about giving you access to workouts created by the experts at CHT! With this monthly subscription, you'll have access to a variety of workouts that you can go through daily. With workouts centered around body weight movements, at-home workouts, cardiovascular and conditioning workouts, stretching and mobility, strength training, and much more, you'll be able to decide what you want to do on a daily basis while knowing each workout has been created by the BEST trainers in the area. Best part? It can all be access on your phone via our app or online platform. Train anywhere, anytime with CHT!

Small Group Training

Looking for a personalized approach in a group setting? Want more attention to detail, form, and programming for your exercise regimen? Join us for our weekly virtual and outdoor Small Group Training classes! During these hour long sessions, a CHT Staff member will take you through a workout with the equipment, or lack-thereof, that you and other group members have available. Each workout will include total body exercises designed to help improve strength, mobility, cardiovascular ability, and more! Exercise will be tailored for the participants of each workout and modifications can be made for each individual. Click the button below to register for your FREE introductory workout! Once registered, your instructor will send out a link to Zoom Meeting ~15 minutes to the start of your workout. Outdoor sessions are currently taking place outside at the CHT studio.

Personal Training

Personalized training doesn't have to stop when gyms are closed or you're at home! At Chapel Hill Training, private personal training takes on a customized and focused approach, uniquely designed based on the goals of each individual client. With the Chapel Hill Training App, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals while on the road, all with the help of your trusted CHT personal trainer. Our certified expert trainers have worked with clients rehabbing from injury, working towards a fitness goal, or beginning a workout regimen. Our uniquely tailored approach is unlike anything you will have experienced before. We will ensure that you are getting an excellent training session with education, form refinement, and a well-rounded approach. We will challenge you to get better with each and every workout -- even virtually!

Injury Prevention for Runners

​Don't let an injury cut your running season short! Running injuries plague up to 65% of runners each year. Most of these are quite preventable through proper training to improve running bio-mechanics and efficiency. With that in mind, we have developed a solution to aid in the safety and longevity of runners that compliments any running program. Our 4-week injury prevention resistance training program was designed, in house, at Chapel Hill Training by our expert personal trainers. The app based offering addresses the most common opportunities for bio-mechanical improvement that can heavily reduce the prevalence of running injuries.

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