The health and well-being of our clientele is extremely important to us. We are taking every measure possible to ensure that our clients are, and feel, safe when they come to train at our studio. We kindly ask that you take all of these protocols seriously and follow them to the best of your ability. No client or staff is required to train in studio and reserve the right to deny service or cancel sessions at any time if they feel unsafe. When you are in the studio, please respect the safety & limitations of all individuals in the building. 

We're proud to say that 100% of our staff are fully vaccinated at this time!

General Policies

  • Only 4 in-person training sessions will be allowed at the studio at any given time.

  • Fully-vaccinated clients may train at the studio multiple times per week, but non-vaccinated clients will remain limited to 1 in-studio session per week.

  • Full vaccinated staff will have increased in-studio availability from 3 days per week to 5 days per week and are allowed to host virtual sessions from the studio on any day of the week.

  • Staff and client(s) must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times.

Mask Policy

  • All staff and clients are required to wear masks at all times unless ALL individuals in the studio at the time have been fully vaccinated (fully vaccinated being defined as 2 weeks after the final dose of any vaccination; clients & staff must show vaccination card.)

Hand-Washing Policy

  • All persons who enter the studio are required to wash hands with soap and water immediately upon entry. Staff are required to wash hands between clients.

Cleaning Policy and Procedures

  • All equipment must be cleaned and sanitized immediately after use.

  • Clients are allowed and encouraged to bring their own mats/equipment.

  • HEPA filters will still be run throughout every training session. If possible, doors will be opened to create more air flow.


We will continue to updated these protocols as recommendations from the CDC and the NC Department of Health & Human Services change. Learn more about How to Protect Yourself & Others. Thank you!