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We service clients from a wide array of backgrounds, from business owners, moms, dads, retirees, professors, students, and more. No matter your age, exercise history, goals, athletic ability, health concerns, or profession you'll find yourself at home within our community. At Chapel Hill Training, we strive to grow together in health and fitness every single day. Join our community!


Check out some testimonials from people just like YOU down below.


"I came to CHT in 2017 after recent foot surgery. I was looking to regain strength and learn new exercise habits. CHT has always made me feel welcome and they extend that gratitude and feeling of community to every single person who walks through their door or participates in their virtual services. You may learn something new, but you'll never feel like a first-timer or a stranger. Four years after my initial assessment and I'm still challenged every day to meet and exceed my goals through programming specifically tailored to me!"

Kristan Shimpi 


"The staff at CHT are always friendly and professional. I find their style of workouts refreshing. My trainer pushes me to my potential while always paying close attention to my technique and making sure that I don't overdo it. I've learned many ways to workout and to work specific muscles that I don't always get to during my exercise away from the facility. I definitely feel like I am attaining my goals. Since the pandemic, they have taken cleanliness to a whole new level! They constantly disinfect and wipe down equipment during and after workouts, keeping the studio as safe as possible."

Joe Van Hook


"Chapel Hill Training has been transformative. When I joined in 2016, I was overweight and stressed out. Through just the right amount of encouragement, the trainers at CHT helped me get into a routine that I could actually commit to. I not only became more active, I became more mindful about how I ate and coped with stress generally. I've kept off the 20 or so pounds I lost, I'm much stronger, sleep better and have more energy. Joining CHT was one the best decisions I've made."

Sims Preston


"CHT is a welcoming place where I felt relaxed and not judged. After I started, it wasn't long until whole minutes were coming off my running times. Even now, every 3 months I am able to do something I didn't think I could before or had been afraid to try.


For me, the bigger benefit is mental. A head-clearing workout is something I look forward to. New workouts kept me from getting bored. We're even able to do a couple of Zoom workouts with my best friend in another state."

Sarah Mills


​"I have been with CHT for three years! My trainer has been an amazing resource. From helping me with my nutrition to achieving my strength goals, and even connecting me with an Integrative Medicine Specialist, my trainer has continually supported me towards making me a better me!


Throughout the pandemic, I've had to limit my time in the studio, but I've embraced Zoom sessions and found great value in using them as more time to work on me. Thank you Rob and thank you CHT!"

Marianne Mitchell


​"I have been coming to CHT for three years. When I first came in, my goal was to stay in shape during college. I began to notice a difference in my fitness level with just a couple months of work.


I always leave in a good mood and feel like I accomplished something healthy and productive in my day. It is an hour when I can focus on my own goals and honestly where I have great people who care about me. I am so glad that I found CHT and would recommend it to anyone who wants to reach new fitness goals with support and motivation from experienced and effective trainers."

Charlotte Lutz 


"I would highly recommend CHT to anyone looking for training with a professional, yet personal touch. I’ve been a small group client for years and have nothing but good things to say. Over time I’ve had several work-related injuries. The trainers always help me modify my workouts and recommend stretches or rehab for me at home.


All the trainers are very professional and knowledgeable about the body. I always feel safe, comfortable and know that I’m in good hands regardless of who is teaching the class."

Kirsten Widener 


"I moved away from Chapel Hill in 2018, but I have continued to benefit from virtual training! I love how welcoming, positive, and non-judgemental CHT is. I had an eating disorder and from the beginning my trainer was completely supportive of me not wanting to have goals related to my appearance or losing weight. Instead, we set goals related to strength and other improvements.


As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it's important to know that spaces like this will respect gender expression, pronouns, etc. CHT will go above and beyond to make all feel welcome."

Sarah Koppelkam

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