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At Chapel Hill Training, we're proud to collaborate with a diverse array of health-conscious organizations, all sharing our commitment to community well-being. Our partners reflect our shared dedication to uplifting others through holistic health practices, including physiological and psychological wellness. Together, we strive to create a supportive network that fosters growth, empowerment, and vitality within our community.

Bionic Health

Bionic Health combine the latest in longevity medicine, frequent comprehensive diagnostics, and cutting-edge Al technology to deliver the best possible treatment plan individualized to each client.
Their vision is to create a future where everyone has accessible tools that help achieve a long and healthy life, free from the burden of chronic diseases. 

In this partnership, Bionic Health offers a unique opportunity to gather incredibly important information about CHT's clients health, especially when it comes to preventative medicine and exercise. They offer the health testing that we need to make the most informed decisions regarding our exercise prescription and lifestyle adjustments for our clients.

Composition Testing

Bodymass Composition Testing leverages cutting-edge testing methods like the DEXA scan and Korr Reevue Resting Metabolic Rate test to help our clients understand the impact of fitness and nutrition routine on their body. This clinical data can also be used to drive strategic changes, get results quicker and validate what works for each client.


Physical Therapy

BreakThrough team of exceptional physical therapists contribute to supporting our clients' journey to wellness with expertise and compassionate care. Their commitment is to help patients take control of their care while utilizing cutting-edge treatments for long-lasting results. 

They specialize in a wide variety of physical therapies, including dancer rehabilitation, blood flow restriction training, BreakThrough running, chronic pain, dry needling, TMJ, vertigo, custom foot orthoses, and more.

Carrboro Run Club

Carrboro Run Club is a fun group of casual runners and walkers that meet at 6:33 p.m., rain or shine,
on Tuesdays at Dingo Dog Brewing in Carrboro. They have 1.5-mile, 3-mile, 4-mile and 5-mile routes available and welcome all ability levels, runners
and walkers alike.

CHT team work with the Carrboro Run Club by providing knowledge about running performance and injury prevention. We've held clinics for their participants and hope to do more in the future. We also currently have a spot in their newsletter to discuss strength training for runners

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