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Take Our Personalized Approach to Fitness

At Chapel Hill Training, your goals are our goals! We aim to provide a superior experience with unmatched customer service, an inviting atmosphere & community, and of course, knowledge and expertise from highly qualified staff.  We have curated our services so that each client gets exactly what they need to meet their goals and budget.

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Small Group &
Personal Training

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Virtual &

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Mobility &

Eligible for Equipment Bundle
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During these hour-long training sessions, we will incorporate all of the aspects of a personal training session within a small group atmosphere. Workouts will be tailored specifically to members of each training session and will revolve around the core pillars of training: Strength, metabolic activity, conditioning, and stabilization/corrective exercise.  Multi-planar and functional exercises will be the keys of each workout. If you're looking to make personal training more cost effective, then this is the workout for you!


Is this the right service for me?

  • I am looking for a lower-cost alternative or addition to personal training

  • I enjoy a small group setting, working out with others and group motivation

  • I can work out on a set weekly schedule

  • I need some guidance and help with exercise form

  • I have minor health/orthopedic concern that needs attention

Pricing: $88-$180 per month | $25 per single class

*Tiered Pricing Structure does not apply to Small Group

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Small Group Training



Work with an expert trainer to create a robust plan that you can follow to help reach your goals. You will complete this plan on your own, but you will have 2 30-minute follow-ups each month with your trainer. Each plan includes all of the strength training and cardiovascular training that you will need to complete as well as habits & lifestyle changes to make. 


Is this the right service for me?

  • I am self-accountable, able to train on my own time in my own space

  • I want to help to make sure I am doing the right exercises for me

  • I am looking for individualized exercise programming uniquely tailored to help me achieve my personal goals

  • I have some ideas, but I am struggling to make the correct changes in my diet and exercise plans to reach my goals

  • I want to learn new & exciting ways to work out

Pricing: $199-$239 per month

Range reflects the Tiered Structure based on which trainer you work with

Health Coaching & Fitness Programming


At Chapel Hill Training, we take a customized and focused approach to private personal training. We uniquely design workouts based on the goals of each individual client. Our certified expert trainers have worked with various clients rehabbing from injury, working towards a fitness goal, or beginning a workout regimen. Our tailored approach is unlike anything you will experience at a big-box gym or other large group training facility in the area. Whether you are in our studio or training virtually from home, we will challenge you to become better with each and every session. Our clean, inviting studio will make you feel at home from the moment you step inside.  We will ensure that you are getting an excellent training session with education, form refinement, and a well-rounded approach. Partner training is available. Please contact for pricing and details.


Is this the right service for me?

  • I need extra accountability, motivation and one-on-one support

  • I have health or orthopedic concerns that need addressing

  • I want to learn how to exercise properly in a safe environment

  • I am an athlete (any level) wanting to enhance sports performance


30 Minute Sessions - $43-$66 per session

45 Minute Sessions - $60-$84 per session

60 Minute Sessions - $73-$102 per session

Ranges reflect the Tiered Structure dependent on which trainer you work with

Personal Training


Our Healthy Lifestyle Commitments are the ultimate training packages! You'll commit to seeing your trainer on a weekly basis, over the course of 6 months to a year, to receive expert personal training along with health coaching. We will incorporate health coaching to make out-of-studio changes to help you attain your ideal health status. Physiological change takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks to become permanent and then consistent work to help maintain that change. Let us commit to you so that you can stay committed to your goals and maintain your progress!


Is this the right service for me?

  • I am embarking on a new fitness journey and I want to be committed

  • I have long-term goals that I need help planning for and I want a curated plan to help me achieve them

  • I need additional accountability and I want a trainer to help me every step of the way

  • I want a thorough evaluation & re-calibration of my fitness needs

  • I am an athlete (any level) preparing for a season, event, or trying to make massive performance changes and make improvements


6-12 month commitment | Price varies depending on session duration & weekly commitment

Healthy Lifestyle Commitments include health coaching, access to special events, and is eligible for the CHT Rewards Program.

Healthy Lifestye Commitments
CHT on Demand
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Our on-demand platform includes over 50 workouts of varying intensities, equipment, and modalities to help you reach your goals! The workouts include progressions for when you need them and access to expert staff when you need assistance. Each workout will have written and video instruction on how to complete exercises so that you can learn how to properly workout. We have curated programs for at-home workouts, workouts with gym equipment, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, and much more!


Is this the right service for me?

  • I want to work out on my own, and have the space and time to do it

  • I have some ideas, but I need some guidance and pre-written workouts

  • I am already active, healthy & without major orthopedic concerns

  • I am looking for a low-cost nudge to help me reach my exercise goals

Pricing: $35 per month

Mobility and Recovey



These 30-minute sessions are designed to rejuvenate the body, improve upon bio-mechanical compensatory patterns, and just make you feel good! You will receive a personalized 1:1 recovery session from a personal trainer aimed at targeting any muscle imbalances, mobility issues, or muscle soreness you may be experiencing from your regular workouts.


During this session, your trainer will use a combination of the HyperVolt massage gun, passive stretching, dynamic stretching, and corrective exercise to leave you feeling more mobile and balanced. These sessions can be purchased individually or as a monthly add-on to your training package go complement your training programs. You can book a session online or contact your trainer for availability.

Pricing: $140 per month | $50 per session

Please note this service is not meant to replace physical therapy or massage therapy. If you are injured, please contact your PT, Ortho, or General Practitioner for diagnosis.


All small group and personal training clients are eligible for our Rewards Program. Tiers are based on the number of sessions you complete. Win prizes for every tier you reach! Prizes can be picked up at the studio. Click the button below to learn more and contact your trainer to get started.

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