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Kaci Pike

Personal Trainer

Kaci Pike is a former collegiate volleyball player who followed up her playing career by diving into the coaching world at every level, including the role of head coach at a Division III school in North Carolina. While pursuing her passion for volleyball she obtained a master’s degree in sport & exercise psychology, growing her knowledge from coaching players to coaching individuals in behavior change, positive psychology and goal setting. 


Kaci left the volleyball world after getting pregnant with her daughter. In the months leading up to her pregnancy she developed anxiety and depression from the demands of her job. She experienced weight gain, issues with body image and was searching for a path to self-care. Soon Kaci took up yoga and found a community and a place to work on herself both physically and mentally. This led her to completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training and starting on a journey in the health and wellness world; spending a year working on a college campus coordinating the fitness programs and becoming certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. 


Kaci found her way to Chapel Hill Training and continued to learn, gaining another certification through  the National Association of Sport Medicine. It is her goal to work with clients looking to use movement as a way to heal both physically and mentally. She wants to impact young athletes striving to reach new levels of performance as well as individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, issues with body image and more. She will create a safe space for you to learn about yourself, struggle and grow as she continues to create that same space for herself; recognizing that every person is on their own unique journey.

**Note: if staff member name does not appear when scheduling, they may not be taking on new clients at this time.**

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