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Linda Kofler

Personal Trainer

Hometown: Durham, NC

Education: The University of North Carolina at Asheville, Health and Wellness Promotion (BS)

Personal Training Certification: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), CPT


Coming from a diverse background in movement, Linda has tried everything from Brazilian martial arts, sword dancing to rock climbing. Finding joy through movement of all kinds is an irreplaceable part of her day to day life. A strong believer that movement can positively transform one’s emotional, physical, and mental state, she became a personal trainer after exploring strength training and discovering the sense of personal confidence it can bring.


As a trainer, Linda specializes in helping clients adapt to fundamental movement patterns and build core strength so that they can learn to not only move well but find joy in exercising. She likes to create challenging workouts with purposeful movements, but will work thoroughly with you to create a plan you understand. The fitness world can be hard to navigate, but Linda loves working with beginners and teaching fundamentals. Her friends call her a ‘fitness nerd’ due to her continuous passion to explore movement mechanics while keeping up with the latest science on exercise. 


Outside of Chapel Hill Training, you can usually find Linda teaching rock climbing, swimming, practicing handstands, or playing with her two cats. 

**Please note: If a trainer's name does not appear when scheduling, they may not be taking on new clients at this time.

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